PCIDSS certified in July 2009 - Delivering safer and more secure services to our client companies both domestic and abroad

PCIDSSSilverlake Japan is primarily engaged in the outsourcing of financial systems and business operations, notably for credit card services. Therefore, we are required to comply with security standards set by international brands, etc., as well as with laws and regulations, as we handle credit card data and other important personal information.
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) is a security standard for all business operators that deal with credit card information such as credit card member stores, credit card companies and service providers like ourselves .
It is a global security standard in the credit industry formulated jointly by the five global payment brands of JCB, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA. Silverlake Japan has obtained certification for being fully compliant with Level 1 service provider standards, which have the strictest requirements.

Silverlake Japan’s commitment to our customers

As a third-party processor, we assure our customers, credit card companies and financial institutions, of compliance not only with laws and regulations but also with PCIDSS and the rules set by the international brands of VISA and MasterCard, and others.
PCI is a standard for ensuring data security in credit card transactions, as well as for all devices, systems and service providers related to credit cards (including PCIPEI credit card terminals.) We are committed to assuring high level of security to our customers through continuous maintenance of PCIDSS compliance, and we strive to comply with other standards, such as ISMS (ISO 27001).
One of the benefits of outsourcing is that it is more cost efficient to outsource business operations than attempt to comply with these standards through systems and data centers individually. The credit card industry has repeatedly gone through legal and regulatory revisions and changes set by international brands, which require companies in the industry to substantially modify their systems.
The cost of such modification is not low. Silverlake Japan enhances customer convenience by leveling the cost of system modification through outsourcing and providing flexible systems which can timely accommodate changes in laws and regulations.

A global quality service provider

Amid these current economic circumstances, companies in the credit card industry are increasingly seeking business expansion in Asian countries.
Silverlake Japan has schemes to respond to such cases. In most Asian countries, companies are required to obtain banking or quasi-banking licenses for the operation of nonbanking businesses (such as credit card businesses). In these countries, such companies in many cases are required to submit on-line reports created usingmission-critical systems that must include accounting and financial reporting, as well as matters on the violation of laws and illegal use of credit cards, etc. on a weekly basis to central banks. Silverlake Group has a track record of providing services to accommodate the rules, laws and regulations of more than 40 countries mainly in Asia, and continues to maintain such services. As described above, it is important for credit card business to comply with the laws, regulations and rules of each country, and to continuously maintain compliance with them, as well as conform to the global security standards and rules set by international brands.
Customers of Silverlake Japan and other companies in the Silverlake Group operate businesses in two or more countries, and we fully capitalize on the accumulation of our service track record and experience to provide services.
We aspire to be a service provider with the resources, track record and experience to allow us to provide quality global services to enable our customers to expand their businesses in Japan and overseas.

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