About Silverlake Japan

Silverlake Japan provides system and business outsourcing services and sells software as a resource-sharing third-party processor for credit card companies and banks in Japan.
It is a member of the Silverlake Group, which develops and provides solutions for banks, credit card companies and finance institutions. In addition, we deliver innovative solutions for financial institutions in Japan to expand their business and set up DR centers (disaster recovery centers) overseas by capitalizing on the network of the Silverlake Group.
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Silverlake Japan is the first full-fledged third-party processor in Japan that has the capability to undertake outsourcing services for almost all systems and business operations in an integrated manner for credit card companies.

Silverlake Japan

Outsourcing services we provide are more than just sharing resources.
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Our mission as a member of the Silverlake Group is to continue to be a service provider that provides customers with world-class service and quality.
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Detailed information about outsourcing services we provide for our customers.
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