Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits (low cost)

Customer Benefits (low cost)

Realizing a Global-Level Processing Charge System

We are able to reduce processing charges to global levels through the shared use of resources.

Automated Batch Processing

We have realized the automated batch processing through SAF technology, which reduces the cost of human resources for system operation.

Compliance with legal amendments, changes in international brand rules and new technologies comes as a standard service without additional cost incurred.

We make it our policy to provide services that are compliant with laws, regulations and international brand rules. Customers do not need to pay additional costs to comply with relevant laws and regulations, or revisions thereof, such as the Revised Act for the Control of Money lending Business, etc.
In addition, we provide services that are compliant with changes in international brand rules and new technologies (required or otherwise) as a standard and do not charge any additional costs.

Services That Accommodate Different Operation Needs

As we offer our services individually through our service list, our customers can choose to use part of their existing systems and outsource only the services necessary for their business operations.
Therefore, customers are able to start using our services at minimal initial cost.

Product Development

With our highly parameterized systems, dependency of product development to system development is minimized,which allows new product development and settings to be performed at business operator level. This reduces system development costs.

Operation Costs

Unlike the conventional systems, our system integrate all modules into one system, from new application and credit check to collection and CRM (customer relationship management). This enables our customers to reduce their operation costs.

Customer Benefits (high performance)

Our Systems Comply with International Brands Such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB and AMEX.

Our Service Lineups Are Readily Equipped with the Standard Products (Features) of International Brands.

  • EMV IC Card
  • Contactless IC Cards (PayPass, VISA WAVE)
  • Corporate Cards
  • Family Accounts (Family Card)
  • 3D Secure (MasterCard Secure Code, Verified by VISA)
  • Regular Cards
  • Gold Cards
  • Platinum Cards
  • Highest Grade MasterCard and VISA Cards

Flexible Product Design and Differentiation

Features such as automated batch processing, highly parameterized system design and all-in package will enable our customers to build new functionalities into their products.

Product and Business Management Capabilities

These days, there are increasing requirements enforced by rules and regulations to corporations to carry out strict management and perform system-monitored monitoring on their products, businesses and outsourcing resources.Silverlake Japan is taking the following actions in response to this:

Products and Services

We have established a system that parameterize contract terms, which the value of these parameters determine the settings of the products or services they represent. This ensures consistency between contracts and their products/services.

Business and Outsourcing (including Silverlake Japan) Management

In iRules, business rules and regulations and business manuals are parameterized. iRules can be used as an audit and fraud monitoring tool by setting up the value of these parameters. These parameters can be easily changed whenever business rules or business strategy need change.
Similar to ensuring the consistency of products and services, iRules ensures consistency between business rules and business operations.

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