Business Scheme


Silverlake Japan is the first full-fledged third party in Japan to provide outsourcing services for credit card related systems and operation businesses through resource sharing.

For what type of customer solutions is Silverlake Japan the best choice?

Corporations that are planning to establish new credit card businesses.

  • It is possible to start up your business with a low initial cost and a low card issuance.
  • You can design your own product and your own card even when you operate a credit card business under sublicensing agreement with international brands.

Credit Card Companies That Are Considering the Replacement of All or Part of Their Existing Systems.

  • By replacing your existing system through outsourcing, you can reduce your initial cost as outsourcing allows overall costs of replacement to be leveled over time.
  • The latest systems are always available for use.
  • As our systems are divided into process modules, you can choose partial implementation of our systems to use in combination with your existing resources.

Credit Card Companies That Are Considering to Increase Their Efficiency in Launching a New Card Product.

  • You can choose to outsource services only for your new products without making changes with your existing systems.

Points of difference with other processors

  • Low-cost and high efficiency are realized through the shared use of system resources of two or more companies.
  • The latest systems are always available for use.
  • Readily equipped with International brand standard.
  • Our solutions come in generic packages and are not tailor-made to any individual company, which make it highly customizable and versatile.
  • Compliant with rules and regulations of international brands. Only minimal additional cost incurred when any change is required.

Overseas business expansion by domestic credit card companies

Ease of business operations when you have Silverlake Japan as your business partner.

  • Offers outsourcing services through our list of services, making it possible for you to get the most out of existing resources.
  • Service levels are clarified by SLA.
  • Roles, responsibilities and costs are specified through clarification of the details of the guarantee and representation.
  • Clarification of incurred cost contributes to a better business planning and budget control.

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