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Software Developed by Applying Mathematical Theories

Basic structure of the Silverlake system

While software development is usually based on system engineering approach, Silverlake Axis Group approach software and system development using mathematical theories such as the 'category theory'.The Group Executive Chairman, Goh Peng Ooi himself is the brain behind our unique system design and concepts, which are the demonstration of these theories.
As a result of pursuing mathematical accuracy, we have succeeded in standardizing many of the business logics necessary for corporate activities. This has been demonstrated in our systems which fit not only for financial institutions, but also airline companies and distribution outlets.

Silverlake axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS)

At Silverlake Axis Group, we make it our policy to solve all of our customers problems even if the customers are not aware of them.We regard all of our corporate activities as "Problem Solving". We believe that the ideal way to develop a system is to clarify the cause of problems facing customers first, and then work on finding solutions.

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