Process Re-Engineering

We strive to develop revolutionary solutions by incorporating our years of experince in providing support and solutions to the following common problems our customers are faced with.
Our solutions were initially developed to promote system development, increase system operation efficiency, reduce errors and serve as management tools.
With a growing need to reinforce internal management systems through BPM regulations, internal controls and the SOX Act, we have demonstrated that our solutions are fit for such needs. We are now doing collaborative efforts with major banks and corporations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China in carrying out tests on our solutions, and some of these solutions have been put into implementation.

Process Transparency and Management
Corporations are now required to visualize, document and thoroughly manage processes to accommodate the implementation of internal controls, J-SOX, BPM, PCI and repeated legal amendments.
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System Development Issues
Silverlake has focused attention on the fact that many of the failures in system development are attributable to internal communications.
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Silverlake TOPOS
Silverlake TOPOS is an innovative tool developed to solve various problems our customers are faced with. Its development applied advanced mathematical theories and is directly connected to mission-critical systems of our customers.
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